Network of clusters within GVCs: the case of the European ceramic tile districts in Spain and Italy

Authors: Parrilli, M.D. and Hervas-Oliver, J.L.

Editors: De Marchi, V., Di Maria, E. and Gereffi, G.

Pages: 175-192

Publisher: Edward Elgar

Place of Publication: Cheltenham

ISBN: 978-1- 138- 74286- 4

This chapter examines the role of innovation and manufacturing of two intertwined clusters in the ceramic tile industry in Europe: Castellon (Spain) and Sassuolo (Italy). These clusters are undisputedly the world leaders in tile technology and innovation. Using a GVC context, this chapter examines the role of innovation and manufacturing in the territories, and the firms’ strategies. The analysis shows two interesting new directions of the GVC in industrial districts: the role of homegrown multinationals connecting and coordinating clusters with the GVC, and the key importance of not off-shoring manufacturing for the sake of innovation upgrading.

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