Adaptive future internet applications: Opportunities and challenges for adaptive web services technology

Authors: Marquezan, C.C., Metzger, A., Pohl, K., Engen, V., Boniface, M., Phillips, S.C. and Zlatev, Z.

Pages: 1568-1589

ISBN: 9781522536000

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3422-8.ch067


Adaptive capabilities are essential to guarantee the proper execution of Web services and service-oriented applications once dynamic changes are not exceptions but the rule. The importance of adaptive capabilities significantly increases in the context of Future Internet (FI) applications will have to autonomously adapt to changes on service provisioning, availability of things and content, computing resources, and network connectivity. Current solutions for adaptive Web services and adaptive service-based applications will be challenged in such a setting because they fall short to support essential characteristics of FI applications. This chapter analyzes and justifies the need for the transition from adaptive Web services and service-based applications to adaptive FI applications. Based on two real-world use cases from multimedia and logistics, the authors examine where current solutions fall short to properly address the adaptive needs of FI applications. They propose future research challenges that should be considered in adaptive FI applications.

Source: Scopus