What’s next for Digital Entrepreneurship in Sub Saharan

Authors: Madichie, O, N., Taura, N. and Bolat, E.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


What gave digital entrepreneurship unrivaled/impeccable power in comparison to other conventional forms of entrepreneurship is its ubiquity. The ubiquity of the internet enables unprecedented access to entrepreneurship by all and sundry irrespective of gender, location, and size. In so doing, the isolated peripheral African countries especially those in land-locked environments suddenly become more visible (Rae, 2017). Digital entrepreneurship is being perceived as a force for good capable of promoting inclusivity as well as enabling micro and small players to engage in the entrepreneurial space equally with the established incumbents in ways not possible before. In this changing digital space were by distance plays limited role, the new entrant micro and small digital players namely: fin-techs, media techs, agri-techs etc cooperate and compete more effectively with the incumbents. The book captures this intriguing emerging perspective.

Source: Manual