Authors: Darvill, T. and Poraj-Wilczynska, E.

Editors: Gheorghiu, D.

Pages: 79-94

Publisher: Oxbow Books

Place of Publication: Oxford

ISBN: 978-1-78925-352-8


In this short paper would like to take you, the reader, on five intersecting journeys around the Neolithic long barrow known as Belas Knap high on the Cotswold Hills of Gloucestershire in the west of England (NGR: SP 02092554). Along the way we will explore the shapes, forms, space, textures, colours, feel, and resonances of the long barrow itself, and the responses of human and non-human beings to the place and its changing environment. Our aim is to use a series of works created by one of us (LPW) to question conventional perspectives and use the archaeological imagination to open up new realms of thinking, experience, and understanding.

Source: Manual