Introduction: Political communication, governance and rhetoric in times of crisis

Authors: Coman, I.A., Elsheikh, D., Gregor, M., Lilleker, D. and Novelli, E.

Pages: 1-15

ISBN: 9780367636838

DOI: 10.4324/9781003120254-1


The introductory chapter firstly introduces theories and models from the fields of crisis communication, political communication and political psychology in order to develop an analytical framework for the overall volume. Secondly, the chapter focuses on the phases of a crisis, drawing on the Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants guidelines we link this to the models to develop an ideal world scenario for political communication strategy. Cumulatively, the chapter therefore offers a clear framework for understanding how crises can be managed and their worst effects mitigated.

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Introduction: Political Communication, Governance and Rhetoric in Times of Crisis

Authors: Lilleker, D., Coman, I., Gregor, M., Novelli, E. and Elsheikh, D.

Editors: Coman, I.A.

Volume: 1

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780367636791


This edited collection compares and analyses the most prominent political communicative responses to the outbreak and global spread of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus within 27 nations across five continents and two supranational ...

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