Legal regulation of technology: Supporting innovation managing risk and respecting values

Authors: Brownsword, R.

Pages: 109-137

ISBN: 9781107165120

DOI: 10.1017/9781316691489.005


Legal and regulatory responses to emerging technologies vary from one technology to another, from one legal system to another, and from one time to another. Although under some legal systems, the response to a particular technology might be restrictive, under others it might be permissive; even facilitative. Sometimes the regulatory focus is a novel process; at other times, it is a novel product or a particular use or application. Some regulatory cultures tend to be precautionary, others tend to be proactionary, and others respond case by case, providing no simple pattern or stock response. Different technologies, moreover, elicit different kinds and different degrees of concern. Fukuyama (2002) famously expressed deep moral concern about millennial developments in human biotechnology (that threatened to compromise human dignity), but much less concern about the possible threats to privacy and equality presented by information technology.

Source: Scopus