Chapter 12. The Archive of Market and Social Research - looking backwards to look forwards

Authors: Kooli, K., Birn, R., Tzempelikos, N., Stone, M. and Emmanuel, K.

Editors: Wright, L.T., Moutinho, L. and Bagozzi, R.

Publisher: Routledge


This chapter relates to the work of the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR), which liberates a rich set of data and commentary generated since the 1950s by the market and social research industry, to support commercial and social progress. The AMSR was initially focused on the marketing services sector. A series of qualitative and quantitative research projects carried out to identify the market for the Archive showed that the information could usefully be made available to universities, to enhance research and learning in business and social science disciplines and to prepare graduates for their careers. The chapter reviews in full the contents of the Archive and suggests how it (and similar archives and material) could be used in developing academic understanding of marketing research.

Source: Manual