Kaouther Kooli

Dr Kaouther Kooli

  • Principal Academic In Marketing
  • Executive Business Centre EB401, Bournemouth University, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EB
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Kaouther Kooli is a Principal Academic in Marketing in the Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation at the Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. She holds a PhD in Marketing. She has over 18 years of higher education teaching experience acquired in Tunisia, UK and France. Her research interests are in digital B2B marketing, consumer behaviour and digital marketing. She is an expert in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. She is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Customer Behaviour and the Chair of the Academy of Marketing B2B Special Interest Group. She has established an annual conference on B2B marketing where academics, students and practitioners get together to debate current issues and challenges facing B2B marketing. She has published in top journals. Kaouther has been invited to give talks at a number of Universities both in the UK and abroad.

Journal Articles

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  • Kooli, K., 2017. Islamic products and services: The concept of Halal and certification bodies. Islamic Marketing and Branding: Theory and Practice. 36-49.


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  • Akcay, E.E., Kooli, K. and Bolat, E., 2018. Ethics and implicit agreements during the value co-creation process in cross-category brand alliances. In: 3rd International Conference of LIGUE with theme 'Sustainability goals implementation in the era of digitalisation in North Africa' 3-4 December 2018 Tunis, Tunisia.
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  • Kooli, K., 2010. Brand Equity with an Improved Role for the Marketing Mix in a Practice-oriented Brand Valuation Framework. In: Thoughts Leaders in Brand Management 18-20 April 2010 Lugano.

PhD Students

  • Emre Arslan. Resources and Innovations for Growth: Strategies from the Oil Industry
  • Ilke Cicekli, 2022. Determinants and outcomes social CRM : the role of cultural and national factors
  • Dania Al Nattour


  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Map (BCP), enhancing BU academics and students' relationships with charities. (Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, 12 Jan 2020). Completed
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Map (BCP), enhancing BU academics and students' relationships with charities. (Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, 12 Jan 2020). Completed
  • Customer profiling Workshop - Museum of Brands (Department of Marketing, 13 Jan 2019). Completed
  • Customer profiling Workshop - Museum of Brands (Department of Marketing, 13 Jan 2019). Completed
  • QR Funding, B2B Marketing conference: The power of digitalisation (QR, Faculty of Management, 06 May 2018). Completed
  • QR, Influences on Consumer Behaviour Cluster Engagement activities (QR, Faculty of Management, 15 Apr 2018). Completed
  • 17th International Annual Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM, 05 Mar 2018). Completed
  • One day colloquium on B2B marketing: Current Issues and Challenges in B2B marketing. (Fusion Investment Funding, 01 Jan 2014). Awarded
  • Training on Structural Equation Modeling (ESRC, 12 Dec 2013). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Glyndwr University, Wrexham,, External examinar (2014-)
  • University of Huddersfield, External examinar (2014-)
  • Academy of Marketing, Chair of the AM B2B Marketing SIG (2013-)

Journal Reviewing/Refereeing

  • Management Decision, Anonymous peer review, 01 May 2017

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • BU Festival of Learning workshop "Mobile technology: Distraction or touch point in education and professional development?", Bournemouth University, 11 June 2013. Co-facilitators: Elvira Bolat, Dr. Milena Bobeva, Dr. Kaouther Kooli

Attended Training

  • Structural Equation modelling, AMOS, 12 Dec 2013