Avenues of Opportunity: Journeys of Activities through Third Sector Organisations

Authors: Turner-Wilson, A., Dearborn, S. and Bullen, C.

Editors: Hean, S., Johnsen, B., Kloetzer, L. and Kajamaa, A.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-70661-6


This chapter discusses a social anthropological research study that considers the place of third sector organisations (TSOs) in society, particularly for those who have been in contact with the criminal justice services. The work is based on insights from journeys through Norway, and to a lesser extent the UK, captured as narratives by a TSO case worker in partnership with other research team members. The insights were drawn from interactions with those along the journey such as ex-prisoners, volunteers, charity worker, members of religious communities and so forth. What these revealed were the many and sometimes hidden universes that exist in and outside TSOs. This chapter offers deep and sometimes different perspectives, asking the reader to consider the range of opportunities TSOs can offer and sets these against concepts of self and other, place, boundary crossing and organisational learning. The work speaks to those seeking to reintegrate into society after prison, their families, significant others, professional practitioners, students, and academics, and although primarily based around Norway, the content resonates internationally.


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