Media Education and Dynamic Research: Known Unknowns and Rich Intersections

Authors: McDougall, J. and Rega, I.

Pages: 427-439

ISBN: 9781119166870

DOI: 10.1002/9781119166900.ch39


This chapter focuses on the research field developing around media education, media literacy, community, and citizen engagement. It offers a field review, mapping and synthesizing original, significant, robust work in this area from the five years preceding publication. The chapter discusses the ethical dimensions of participative media education research using creative and visual methods for social justice objectives in civic, community, intergenerational, and intercultural contexts. It argues that this kind of research is informed less by the formation of competencies or the assessment of skills and more by ethnographic principles, combined with digital storytelling, arts-based, and visual methods. The chapter seeks to work with participants to understand how digital media, learning, literacy, and everyday life are woven together, and what this means for the lived experience of community and situated engagements with the civic world. It makes the case for a shift in method as the urgent requirement for this field.

Source: Scopus