An (Extended) Abstract: Exploring Food Habit Formation in Young UK Families—The Case of Sustainable Seafood

Authors: Musarskaya, M., Birch, D. and Memery, J.

Pages: 231-235

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45596-9_46


Regular consumption of a well-balanced diet is an important factor for ensuring healthy nutrition, especially in children of primary school age. In particular, seafood products are key components of a healthy diet and are important culturally and ethically around the world (Affinita et al. 2013). The communication of a balanced and ethical diet and the achieved health benefits needs to be carefully balanced to take into account various family factors which influence eating habit formation in young children (Castaño et al. 2015). The family atmosphere is the first and most crucial place where children acquire the examples and principles of own eating habits. Indeed, this paper explores the effects of family eating habits on sustainable seafood consumption habit creation in children.

Source: Scopus