Exploring retention and rewards in community sport volunteering

Authors: Ayer, N. and Cooper, J.R.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 9780367417093


Volunteers can help community organizations thrive due to their involvement in a broad number of administrative and support activities. While not-for-profit sport organizations might attract highly qualified and motivated volunteers, they also tend to frequently deal with their turnover. As a result, finding ways to retain volunteers is imperative to ensure organizational success. Because volunteering is generally viewed as a leisure activity, conducted during one’s free time for the benefits of others, opportunities for positive experiences and growth are necessary. This chapter reports on community sport volunteers’ experiences within Canadian sport clubs, associations, and chapters. We explored volunteers’ motives, perception of rewards, and experiences of resignation. We discuss the importance of retention and support, concluding the chapter with practical implications and future research recommendations.

Source: Manual