Daring to be different! Ethnic Community Radio as the Space of Inclusion.

Authors: Khamkar, G.

Editors: Chignell, H. and McDonald, K.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic Press


Ethnic community radio helps its communities to (re)claim their identity and social existence in their place of settlement. Investigating the development of ethnic community radio in the UK will illuminate key dynamics in how communities are empowered through social engagement, by making constructive use of digital technology and the radio airwaves. Drawing on insights and perspectives gleaned from primary research and from the growing body of literature on community media, this chapter presents a comprehensive, but by no means definitive account of the development of UK’s ethnic community radio as a space of inclusion. It presents a fresh and strong dimension of the history of ethnic community radio in the UK, which has proved to be a space of inclusion. It confirms that the ethnic community radio movement accentuates the issues of access, participation, representation, integration, and linguistic expression, which are fundamental to the robust progression of any multi-ethnic society. And therefore, the pertinence of ethnic community radio as a space of inclusion is infinite in today’s constantly evolving world shaped by migration and relocation processes.

Source: Manual