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Gloria Khamkar

  • gkhamkar at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Khamkar, 2018. The Greater London Council’s initiatives: A precursor of British Asian radio broadcasting. Journal of Radio and Audio Media.
  • Khamkar, 2014. The Asian Radio Broadcasting: an alternative media platform for Britain’s Asian Community. Rundfunk und Geschichte, 1 (2), 86-87.
  • Khamkar, 2012. Muktapeeth – A story of Citizen Journalism in Indian Context. Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication Studies, 6 (2), 13-20.


  • Khamkar, 2015. A Post-War History of Radio for the Asian Community in Leicester. In: Franklin, I., Chignell, H. and Skoog, K., eds. Regional Aesthetics Mapping UK Media Cultures. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 157-168.
  • Khamkar, 2012. 'Namma Dhwani', Ideal Demonstration of Community Media Usage. In: Seneviratne, K., ed. Peoples' Voices, Peoples' Empowerment Community Radio in Asian and Beyond. Singapore: Asian Media Information and Communication Centre & NTU, 191-200.


  • Khamkar, 2010. Student migrants in Sunderland. University of Sunderland.


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