Experience design in the smart tourism destination

Authors: Neuhofer, B. and Buhalis, D.

Pages: 616-629

ISBN: 9781032114255

DOI: 10.4324/9781003219866-50


The notion of smart tourism has gained global attention, and with that, scholars and practitioners have started to pose the question how to intentionally design tourist experiences that are smart. While the early smart tourism literature has focused on the technological qualities of smartness, more recent work has started to draw attention to human and experiential aspects within smart tourism developments. This chapter aims to offer a discussion of how to design experience in the smart tourism destination. The chapter provides an interdisciplinary review of the literature by bridging insights from smart tourism, tourist experience, value co-creation and human-centred experience design. The chapter makes a contribution by developing a practical experience design roadmap that, through a series of questions, guides the design of more human-centred experiences in the smart tourism ecosystem.

Source: Scopus