How to do forensic archaeology under the auspices of the United Nations and other large organizations

Authors: Wright, R. and Hanson, I.

Pages: 607-621

DOI: 10.4324/9781315528939-53


Fancy what a game at chess would be if all the chessmen had passions and intellects. . . : if you were not only uncertain about your adversary’s men, but a little uncertain also about your own; if your knight could shuffle himself on to a new square by the sly; if your bishop, in disgust at your castling, could wheedle your pawns out of their places; and if your pawns, hating you because they are pawns, could make away from their appointed posts that you might get checkmate on a sudden.. . . You might be the longest-headed of deductive reasoners, and yet you might be beaten by your own pawns. You would be especially likely to be beaten, if you. . . regarded your passionate pieces with contempt.”.

Source: Scopus