ISBN 9781032304991

Authors: Whitfield, J., zoe, L. and Zoe, L.

Editors: Rossetti, G., Whatt, B. and Ali-Knight, J.

Publisher: Routledge


There are over two hundred 1940s festivals and events in the UK every year (Love of the 40s, 2022) encapsulating the period, providing an immersive, entertaining, and educational experience for the public; underpinned with a nuance of respect and remembrance. Inherently, as the 1940s generation declines, so too do the real stories and living memories of the time (Kirka, 2022). This research completes a critical review through semi-structured interviews which took place in May 2021, providing a unique comparison between 1940s festival and event organisers and attendees. Key areas of questioning include the importance of storytelling through living history to disseminate memoirs of this historic era; how 1940s festivals and events can trigger nostalgia; the inclusion of edutainment and finding a synergy between entertainment and education; and the cultural duty to present an accurate representation of the past. The findings confirm that organisers endeavour to tell the story of the 1940s as accurately as possible, enabling attendees to connect to and learn from their cultural past. Educating attendees is a key objective firmly installed by the organisers through truthful storytelling and additional entertaining festival and event content - edutainment. This entertaining content can trigger feelings of nostalgia for the attendee, stimulating an emotional connection to the era.

Source: Manual