VR in Adult Acute Pain Management — An Exploration into the Existing Academic Literature

Authors: Heydari Khajehpour, S., Seyed Esfahani, M. and Bisada, M.

Publisher: World Scientific


Health organisations around the world are constantly looking for tools and methods to manage patients’ pain more effectively. This has been in the forefront of pain research for decades. Methods such as hypnosis, meditation and relaxation techniques alongside technological tools such as the use of video, audio and gaming are applied and investigated. With the advancement of technology, new tools such as Virtual Reality (VR) are used more and proved to be effective. However, the effectiveness of VR seems to be very much dependent on the context, patients, measurements and applications. This chapter looks into the application of VR in Acute Pain management, the common areas it is used in and how it is evaluated. The chapter ends by giving recommendations on how to improve the use of VR in the management of acute pain and what to expect to see in future.

Source: Manual