Mona Seyed Esfahani

Dr Mona Seyed Esfahani

  • Lecturer (Academic) in Marketing Communication
  • Weymouth House W420, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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My research interests are: consumer behaviour towards innovation. Online product promotion and consumer information processing. Online Anthropomorphism, measurement and application. Consumer innovativeness and motivation towards product adoption.

I am currently in the process of publishing 2 papers on 1- consumer innovativeness and innovation adoption 2- Mindful and Mindless Anthropomorphism and its influence on consumer online behaviour toward sinnovation

I am working with colleagues on a brand personality paper. My main contribution is on methodological design and analysis, using Online Questionnaire and Quantitative Data Analysis.

I am working on developing an innovation adoption framework for NHS at the moment as an industrial secondment. This project is a collaboration between Bournemouth University and Royal Bournemouth Hospital and it examines the adoption of Robotic Surgery.

Journal Articles


  • Oliver, J.J., Chapleo, C., seyed, M. and Seyed Esfahani, M., 2018. Brand architecture in the media sector: an examination of network, channel, programme and talent personalities. In: Academy of Marketing Conference. 2-4 July 2018 Stirling, UK.
  • Seyed Esfahani, M., Heydari Khajehpour, S., Roushan, G. and Howell, R., 2018. Innovation Adoption in Robotic Surgery - A Surgical Innovation Framework using Royal Bournemouth Hospital. In: The International Society for Professional Innovation Management 17-20 June 2018 Stockholm, Sweden. 1-16.
  • Oliver, J., Seyed Esfahani, M. and Chapleo, C., 2017. The importance of media brand personality fit between audience and channel brands; an exploration. In: European Media Management Assocation 10-12 May 2017 Ghent, Belgium.
  • Oliver, J.J., Chapleo, C. and Seyed Esfahani, 2016. Media brand architecture: managing network, channel, programme and talent personalities. In: European Media Management Association 11-12 May 2017 Ghent University, Belgium.
  • oliver, J. and chapleo, C., 2016. Managing media brands: avoiding multiple personality disorder. In: EMMA 2-4 June 2016 Portugal.
  • Seyed Esfahani, M., 2014. Examining the impact of consumer innovativeness on RNP comprehension and online behaviour. In: Academy of Marketing 7-10 July 2014 Bournemouth.
  • Seyed Esfahani, M., 2012. Avatar-based marketing and its role in promoting RNPs. In: Academy of Marketing 2012 2-5 July 2012 Southampton , UK.


  • Seyed Esfahani, M., 2017. The effect of Telepresence and Anthropomorphic attributes on consumers comprehension of RNPs: A study on consumer innovativeness and anthropomorphism (measurement and application). PhD Thesis. Southampton University.

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Planning and Launching New Products - Media Planning - Academic and Professional Research - Fundamentals of Marketing - Developing Research Imagination - Digital Marketing Strategies

Invited Lectures

  • Quantitative MEthodology, Bournemoutrh University - FMC, 26 Nov 2015 more
  • ELM, Bournemouth University - FMC, 22 Feb 2015 more


  • Innovation adoption amongst Medical staff at Bournemouth Royal Hospital – The case of Robotic Surgery. (Bournemouth Universiy Industrial Secondment, 01 Mar 2018). Awarded

External Responsibilities

  • ISPIM, SIG leader of Health and Innovation (2019-)

Conference Presentations

  • ISPIM Florence, Virtual Reality in Healthcare – what stops hospitals and patients o adopt the technology?, 16 Jun 2019, Florence- Italy
  • Academy of Marketing, Examining the impact of consumer innovativeness on RNP comprehension and online behaviour, 07 Jul 2014, Bournemouth - UK
  • Academy of Marketing, Avatar-based marketing and its role in promoting RNPs, 02 Jul 2012, Southampton - UK

Attended Training

  • Doctoral Supervision Course, 24 Jan 2018, Certificate
  • SPSS, 05 Oct 2017
  • PG Certificate Education Practice, 01 Oct 2014, PG Certificate Education Practice


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