Global responsibility and sustainable business practice, Bournemouth University (BU)

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Authors: Shiel, C. and Bunney, A.

Pages: 18-24

Publisher: Development Education Association

Place of Publication: Gloucester

The unit was designed and validated in 2002 as a twenty-credit online option for final year students on the BA (Hons) Business Studies programme and as a core unit on the part-time Business and Management degree. The unit will also now be offered to students taking the online Foundation Degree; an exciting development, as many of the students will be military personnel. The unit will be validated in 2003 on a new programme that caters largely for the international market, the BA (Hons) International Business Communication.

The unit aims to raise awareness of the relationship between sustainability issues and business practice in the context of globalisation. The development of students’ ability to critically evaluate the complex role of business practice in global systems is therefore an important element in the unit. Students are expected to develop an understanding of sustainability solutions as applied to business practice, their role in promoting sustainability and the business case. The unit encourages reflective practice as well as increasing awareness of global responsibility within student’s own spheres of influence. On completion of the unit the student is expected to demonstrate: • a critical understanding of the role of the interdependent major global systems and the role of diversity in meeting the needs and rights of future generations • an awareness of the limits to growth and the need for precaution • an understanding of the role of the business community in promoting sustainable development • an ability to reflectively evaluate the wide range of sustainability solutions, regulations, tools and techniques currently available.

Assessment is by outcome-orientated and pragmatic extended coursework.

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