Creating a best fit between business strategy and web services capabilities using problem frames modeling approach

Authors: Jha, A., Cox, K. and Phalp, K.T.

Journal: REFSQ 2006 - Proceedings of the 12th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality, In Conjunction with CAiSE 2006

Pages: 162-176

ISBN: 9783922602262


This paper proposes a strategy-oriented requirements engineering methodology that creates a best fit between the business strategy and the Web services capabilities that the organization provides to the outside world. The methodology presented in the paper builds upon eBMO, e-Business modeling ontology by Pigneur and Osterwalder by applying Jackson's Progression of Problems. We apply Jackson's Progression of Problem in a unique way to describe business perspective on Web service value. We use problem domain modeling approach to describe Web services capabilities. Our approach is illustrated via an example of Amazon Web services. We found it possible to create a best fit between the strategic objectives to implementation.

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Creating a Best Fit Between Business Strategy and Web Services Capabilities Using Problem Frames Modelling Approach

Authors: Jha, A., Cox, K. and Phalp, K.T.

Conference: 12th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering: Foundation For Software Quality (REFSQ´06)

Dates: 5-6 June 2006

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