A Case Study of Multi-Resolution Modeling for Crowd Simulation

Authors: Xiong, M.E., Cai, W.T., Zhou, S.P., Low, M., Tian, F. and Chen, D.

Conference: Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium (ADS'09)

Dates: 22-27 March 2009


Source: Manual

Preferred by: Feng Tian

A case study of multi-resolution modeling for crowd simulation.

Authors: Xiong, M., Cai, W., Zhou, S., Low, M.Y.H., Tian, F., Chen, D., Ong, D.W.S. and Hamilton, B.D.

Editors: Wainer, G.A., Shaffer, C.A., McGraw, R.M. and Chinni, M.J.

Journal: SpringSim

Publisher: SCS/ACM


Source: DBLP