Distributed Automatic Frame Generation for Cartoon Animation

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Authors: Seah, H.S., Tian, F., Lu, Y., Qiu, J. and Chen, Q.

Start date: 5 June 2007

Pages: 141-153

Publisher: GCA 2007

DOI: 10.1142/9789812708823_0012

Drawing intermediate frames, so called inbetweens, is a very time consuming and labor-intensive task in the production of cartoon animation. Many approaches have been investigated to automate the inbetweening process. In this paper we propose a distributed rendering solution for inbetweening based on our novel modeling method, Disk B-spline. Curve The experimental results show that, compared to a single workstation, the cluster based framework provides much better performance with more than 85% of time being saved. Moving forward, we believe that the Grid will be an ideal solution to improve the animation productivity further in the future.

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