DBSC-based Pencil Style Simulation for Line Drawings

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Authors: Melikhov, K., Tian, F., Xie, X.X. and Seah, H.S.

Start date: 4 December 2006

Pages: 17-24

Publisher: Murdoch University, Australia

This paper presents a novel approach for converting a raster line image into a pencil drawing based on Disk B-Spline Curves (DBSC). A gray-scale raster line image is vectorized with our sliding Gaussian window algorithm and represented with DBSC. DBSC defines geometry profile of the strokes. Gaussian brushes and various style simulation algorithms can be applied based on the DBSC stroke model. In this paper, a physical based pencil simulation model is adopted to generate the pencil texture of the interior of the strokes. We illustrate our DBSC-based pencil style simulation algorithm with pencil drawings generated from various raster line images. The results have shown that our algorithm simulates very well various pencil styles.

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