Artistic brushstroke representation and animation with disk b-spline curve.

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Authors: Wu, S.K., Seah, H.S., Tian, F., Xiao, X. and Xie, B.

Start date: 15 June 2005

Pages: 88-93

Publisher: ACM

DOI: 10.1145/1178477.1178489

A novel modeling and representation approach for brushstroke and animation is proposed in this paper based on disk B-spline curve (DBSC). This method represents not only the 2D region of the stroke but also its centerline so that various attributes like scalar and vector field can be applied to the stroke. Given two or more animation drawings represented by DBSC, the intermediate frames can be automatically generated to form a smoother sequence, either linearly or non-linearly. Moreover, compared to other models like polygon and triangle mesh, DBSC allows more flexible manipulation of brushstroke. With smaller dataset, DBSC has advantages to store and transmit the model across the network thus may be suitable to online games and animation.

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Authors: Soon, S.H., Wu, Z., Tian, F., Xiao, X. and Xie, B.

Editors: Lee, N.

Journal: Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology

Pages: 88-93

Publisher: ACM

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