Initial Value Specification in Motion Estimation for Keyframe Animation

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Authors: Chen, Q., Tian, F., Seah, H.S., Qiu, J. and Melikhov, K.

Start date: 17 August 2004

Pages: 33-38

Publisher: IASTED

Our research focuses on computer-generated inbetweening, which aims to reduce the workload of manual drawing in traditional cartoon production. Our previous method, Modified Feature-Based Matching Algorithm, MFBA, estimates the motion of the pixels in the two keyframes. Inbetweens are generated by interpolating the motion vectors. However, the estimation may not be accurate when the change between the keyframes is drastic. In this paper, the influence of the initial value is examined in the motion estimation of MFBA. Consequently a method is proposed to evaluate the approximate motion of the character and specify it as the initial value in the motion estimation. The results show smoother motion in the inbetweens

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