Perceptual-Based Fusion of IR and Visual Images for Human Detection

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Authors: Jiang, L., Tian, F., Shen, L.E., Wu, S., Yao, S.P., Lu, Z. and Xu, L.

Start date: 20 October 2004

Pages: 514-517

DOI: 10.1109/ISIMP.2004.1434114

With the cost decline of Infrared (IR) cameras, it is envisaged that more IR cameras will be deployed in vision surveillance system for around-clock day and night surveillance. Infrared cameras sense radiation emitted by an object at a non-zero absolute temperature in the infrared spectrum which is not available in a visual image, but lose information, such as texture, color and geometric, which is available in normal visual camera. Fusion of IR and visual images can enhance features in both kinds of images And more impressively, it can reveal some new features that might not be present either in IR images or in visual images. In this paper, a simple and yet efficient image fusion scheme using multiple scale is developed to implement image fusion for better human detection and surveillance. Since multiple scales are used to represent the image, the possibility of losing image details in fusion procedure can be greatly reduced. Commercially available images from Equinox Corporation are also used for testing. Test results show the success and efficiency of the fusion algorithm.

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