Topology Enhanced Feature-Based Auto Coloring for Computer-Assisted Cel Animation

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Authors: Qiu, J., Seah, H.S., Tian, F. and Chen, Q.

Start date: 17 August 2004

Pages: 26-32

Publisher: IASTED

Computer-Assisted Auto Coloring (CAAC) has great potential in terms of lowering production cost and saving time in eel animation production. This paper presents our approach in auto coloring the frames in a sequence in traditional eel animation. First our previous work on feature-based region matching is introduced. Then stable topology information is proposed as the major improvement. Subsequently, the processes of matching master frames and coloring the first frame of a scene are described, followed by the introduction of auto coloring for inbetweens. With the assistance of stable topology, the accuracy of matching is much improved.

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