The Fair Regulation of Lower-limb Prostheses Technology in Paralympic Running

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Authors: Dyer, B.T.J.

Start date: March 2009

Bryce Dyer, Senior Lecturer in BU’s School of Design, Engineering & Computing, who is undertaking a PhD in Prostheses Sports Technology,won third place for his poster presentation at the Paralympics GB national conference.

Bryce’s presentation: A Fair Provision Of Lower-Limb Prostheses Technology For Paralympic Level Running, was displayed during the conference held at Loughborough University in March 2009 and drew the following conclusions: • The lower-limb running prosthesis is a restorative (not enhancement) form of equipment in nature and should be treated as such.

  • Increased legislative control and performance limitations should be imposed on the lower-limb prostheses to maintain a fair environment within the specific running discipline.
  • A lower-limb prostheses performance should be set by individuals’ own physical abilities that they have obtained under naturally generated means rather than a blanket specification.

Bryce was recently invited to join the International Paralympic Committee based on the emerging results of his doctoral research project and will be part of an international working party to evaluate and review sports technology and advise on policy in preparation for the 2012 Games.

“Being a member of this prestigious advisory group will allow me to implement my current research experience in disability sports technology at a global level and also to contribute in a practical way to the further development of the GB team,” said Bryce.

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