Multimedia Tasks and User Cognitive Styles

Authors: John, D. and Boucouvalas, A.C.

Conference: Third International Symposium on Communication Systems Networks & Digital Signal Processing, CSNDSP 2002

Dates: 15-17 July 2002


This paper proposes a new definition of cognitive style based on the way individuals perceive different types of media. The Cognitive Styles Analysis (CSA) package (Riding, 1991; Riding, 1998) assesses cognitive style based on how individuals perceive information that is presented visually. The original aspect of this paper is the proposal of an extension to the CSA definition of cognitive style that reflects the way individuals perceive information that is presented using audio. An experiment was conducted that directly compared the performance of subjects in a visual version of the CSA test with a purely auditory version. This paper first defines cognitive style, then describes the audio experiment and discusses the findings.

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Preferred by: David John