Service Quality; Strengths and Weaknesses within the Four UK Conference Venue Typologies.

Authors: Spiller Whitfield, J.E.

Conference: The 5th China (Wuhu) International Tourism Commodities Exposition

Dates: 2005


From post war to the present day, the conference sector has experienced considerable global growth. Due to this expansion and diversity, the UK conference sector of the 21st century is very different to the conference sector at the end of the Second World War. “The industry has grown and competition has intensified” (Robinson & Callan, 2002, p.1). The modern day conference sector is one of the fastest growing, and highest yielding sectors within the overall tourism industry. It is an important generator of tourism expenditure, investment, foreign exchange earnings and employment (Abbey & Link, 1994; Dwyer & Forsyth, 1996; Oppermann, 1996).

This paper will commence with an overview of the UK conference sector, and will proceed to introduce the four key conference venue typologies represented in the UK conferences sector. This paper outlines the developing role of service quality within the UK conference industry and a provides a definition of service quality. Conference venue suppliers identifying the venues perceived strengths, and weaknesses, with respect to the provision of service quality follow this.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Julie Whitfield