Developing globally employable graduates

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Authors: Shiel, C.

Start date: 28 April 2009

This paper addresses the employability theme and will suggest that an international education certainly makes a significant contribution to the global economy and society but that an economic rationale should not be the only driver in the urge to internationalise. The paper will suggest that what is meant by ‘international education’ is not clear cut but contested, highlighting why internationalisation is important and suggesting what might be involved. The paper will offer an approach to internationalisation based on developing global perspectives, suggesting that this approach addresses internationalisation more effectively in the context of global employability. The approach has the potential to align with the changing needs of employers, who are increasingly seeking graduates with a broader world view and who have the ability to see the global in the local. The benefits of such an approach to UK and International students will be highlighted, along with the importance of seeking to develop the curriculum and offering extra-curricular activities to enhance skills development. If UK students are to continue to be successful in the global economy (and not lose out to graduates from other countries) it is critically important that new approaches are implemented, to engage them with developing an international experience and a global outlook. The paper draws upon the experience at Bournemouth University where the Centre for Global Perspectives contributes to a global employability agenda. The paper concludes by highlighting the challenges of such an approach.

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