Nursing Informatics: is IT for all nurses?

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Authors: Bond, C.S., Lewis, R. and Joy, R.

Start date: 28 June 2009

Publisher: Nursing Informatics

Place of Publication: Helsinki, Finland

Given the definition of nursing informatics it should be a core activity for all nurses, and seen as a tool to support high quality care giving. Three studies reported in this paper show that this is not the case. Qualified nurses are percieved as having poor skills and knowledge, and as being resistant to IT as it takes them away from patient care.

Educators share this lack of knowledge, and neither academics nor students consider nursing informatics to be a clinical skill. In order to use computers while on placement students were found to need confidence in their skills, and to feel that the use of computers was encouraged.

Socialisation into the profession is an important part of nurse education, and currently students are being socialised into a professional role where they are not encouraged to use computers, or to consider their use to be a key nursing task.

If nursing informatics is to truly become a way of improving patient care this needs to be changed, and pre-registration education is a key place to start to bring this change about.

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