Hospitality employment as co-created knowledge: Language development and work-based learning among Polish migrants

Authors: Janta, H., Lugosi, P. and Ladkin, A.

Conference: CHME (Council for Hospitality Management Education) 18th Annual Research Conference

Dates: 13-15 May 2009


Drawing on primary data collected using netnography and interviews, this paper explores the multiple ways that hospitality employment and English language learning shapes the experiences of migrant workers. This paper begins by reviewing the main issues surrounding English language skills, hospitality employment and migration, before discussing the roles of virtual environments and networks among Polish migrants in the UK. Following a discussion of the research methods, the paper examines three emerging themes: first, the way hospitality employment and language development shapes the expectations of migrant workers and their migration careers; second, how Polish workers engage in knowledge transaction through online forums, particularly as they narrate their experiences of hospitality employment; and third, how hospitality employment and subsequent reflections on their experiences provide opportunities for knowledge co-creation.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Adele Ladkin