Beyond Text: Video and other medium use in qualitative research (Keynote presentation - Film)

Authors: Jones, K. and Hearing, T.

Conference: Centre For Qualitative Psychology (Germany)

Dates: 20-22 February 2009


The presentation consists of two short films:

1. "Day Dreams, Night Games" --a creative montage of video pod/diary entries by delegates at Bournemouth's Qualitative Research Conference, 2008, mixed with footage of some of the more performative and non-verbal activities during the event. (12 minutes)

2. "Two Heads--Talking" a conversation between filmmaker, Trevor Hearing, and social scientist, Kip Jones, discussing the process involved in co-editing the film, "Day Dreams, Night Games" from a 'Beyond Text' perspective. (22 minutes)

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Trevor Hearing

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