Learning and Teaching: where next?

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Authors: Shiel, C.


Start date: 20 April 2010

Assessment is one of the key topics of learning and teaching but what other issues are currently causes for concern? And how does spending your time enhancing practice (and helping others to do so) lead to a successful academic career? Initiatives such as TQEF, FTDL, CETL and Teaching Fellows have all served to raise the profile of L & T but as the landscape changes will the endeavour to enhance practice continue to be valued as highly? Evidence from the Development Programme for Directors of Learning and Teaching suggests that: in some Business Schools L & T research continues to be valued; in others pedagogic research is less valued; some institutions have career paths to professorship in learning and teaching - but for many the likelihood of achieving one, is less than for those specialising in ‘academic’ subject research. Finally, some institutions which might previously have ignored L & T now seem to be paying it more attention. It is the suggestion that ‘things might be changing’ which merits further discussion.

This workshop will take the form of an open discussion to share what is going on under the agenda of learning and teaching, to consider its current and future status and to explore the implications in both a general and personal sense for career development.

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