Integrating Professional Media Practice Into Undergraduate and Postgraduate media courses

Authors: Farmer, S. and Hearing, T.

Conference: MeCCSA conference 2009

Dates: 14-16 January 2009


This paper presents comparative research recently undertaken across universities and HE institutions in England investigating the extent and effectiveness of involving students in corporate video projects commissioned by ‘real-life’ clients.

Increasingly media production departments in HE are requested by in-house departments, external public services authorities, charities and corporate organisations to undertake media productions on their behalf. As the culture of commercial enterprise develops in the sector there is pressure to undertake work of this nature, making additional demands on limited resources. However it can also be seen as an opportunity for staff and students to develop new skills and knowledge. We were interested to uncover the level of this activity, understand some of the tensions that can arise and also propose ideas for improving the management of projects which cross the boundary of enterprise and learning.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Trevor Hearing

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