Animating Stillness. Motion Capture Portraits

Authors: Sloan, S., Cholodenko, A., Hamlyn, N. and Leslie, E.

Conference: Animation Deviation

Dates: 14 July 2010

Publisher: University of the West of England

Place of Publication: Watershed Media Centre Bristol


This paper focuses on my current practice-based research on animated, motion-capture portraiture. My research examines 3D animated portraiture using motion capture data as the foundation for the representation of identity framed within close shot, single screen artworks and installations. I will examine the relationship between the recorded i.e. motion capture, and the interpreted i.e. key framed facial animation. Narrative is not explored in these works but rather, the idea that time is given to the viewer to watch the sitter ‘sitting’ and to absorb seemingly insignificant details . Furthermore I will discuss how this work sits in relation to portraiture in other mediums, including painting, sculpture, and photography and video, the core of which is the representation of the individual.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Susan Sloan