The Matter of Entrepreneurial Learning: A Literature Review

Authors: Erdélyi, P.

Conference: International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC) 2010

Dates: 3-6 June 2010


This paper is a comprehensive review of the entrepreneurial learning literature and its engagement with the material aspects of entrepreneurship, as part of the “material turn” in the social sciences. Drawing on actor-network theory, we construct a classificatory scheme and an evaluative matrix to find that this field is dominated by an anthropocentric bias and cognitivist approaches which largely ignore issues of materiality in entrepreneurship. However we also identify some heterogeneous network-based conceptualisations of entrepreneurial learning which could provide the foundations for more materially aware approaches. We conclude by calling for a material turn in entrepreneurial learning and outline some possible avenues for it.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Peter Erdelyi

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