A Temporal Analysis of Conference Venue Refurbishment within the U.K. Conference Sector

Authors: Whitfield, J.E.

Conference: UKCEM Research Symposium

Dates: 18 January 2010


This seminar will examine conference venue refurbishments within purpose built venues, hotels, educational establishments and visitor attractions across the U.K conference sector. The main data relate to six refurbishment activities undertaken to create a venues conference product. Additionally, refurbishments undertaken since the conference facilities opened and future plans for refurbishments across the four venue classifications are examined. The refurbishments examined are those of upgrading furnishings, upgrading d├ęcor, complying with health & safety legislation, the implementation of modern conference technologies, converting and/or extending the venue to supply or improve conference facilities and the provision of disabled access. The results show that the initial level of investment across all venue classifications is not sustained, and a decline in future investment is apparent. The implications of this for the sector will be considered.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Julie Whitfield