Zigbee Network for Remote Patient Monitoring

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Authors: Liu, Y. and Sahandi, R.

Start date: 29 October 2009

ISBN: 9781424442201

DOI: 10.1109/ICAT.2009.5348436

The availability of Zigbee-based sensor network technology with low-power consuming sensors has made their implementation possible in healthcare, particularly in remote patient monitoring. Two alternative approaches for the deployment of Zigbee-based Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) for remote patient monitoring on general wards are discussed and their performances evaluated in a simulation environment. In the first approach, a single WPAN was considered for gathering and transmitting physiological data from the patients on a ward. In the second approach, which is proposed in this paper, multiple WPANs are considered instead. In this approach, a WPAN will be allocated to each patient on the ward. The simulation results show that the multiple WPANs approach out-performed the single one in respect of efficiency and reliability for data transmission for the entire ward

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