Doctor, nurse or apomediary? What role should healthcare professionals play in assisting patients with long term conditions to access, and make sense of, information from the internet

Authors: Hewitt-Taylor, J. and Bond, C.S.

Journal: HEALTHINF 2013 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics

Pages: 139-143

ISBN: 9789898565372


This position paper explores healthcare professionals' roles in mediating the information that people with long term conditions obtain via the Internet. It explores how the way in which long term conditions are conceptualised may influence the roles and approaches which healthcare staff should adopt, and contrasts the intermediary and apomediary roles which this may include, and how such roles may be enacted in healthcare provision.

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Preferred by: Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor

Doctor, Nurse or Apomediary? - What Role should Healthcare Professionals Play in Assisting Patients with Long Term Conditions to Access, and Make Sense of, Information from the Internet.

Authors: Hewitt-Taylor, J. and Bond, C.S.

Editors: Stacey, D., Solé-Casals, J., Fred, A.L.N. and Gamboa, H.


Pages: 139-143

Publisher: SciTePress

ISBN: 978-989-8565-37-2

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