Supporting Individual Health Needs Through Simulation

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Authors: Joy, R.

Start date: 24 June 2013

Background Taking the lead from aviation, transportation and nuclear power industries, simulation in healthcare has become increasingly popular over the last three decades. The Nursing and Midwifery Councils’ support in the use of simulation has placed simulation laboratories or centres at the heart of nurse education. As such, supporting an individual’s’ health care needs can be explored in greater detail through the use of simulation.

Aim/purpose The use of an education strategy such as simulation needs to encompass healthcare professionals as well as those people wanting to manage their own healthcare requirements; therefore the aim of the poster is to depict how the use of simulation in nurse education places people at the heart of nursing care. Methods A literature review was undertaken and key elements such as what does simulation involve and the educational strategies that support it were identified. These elements were reviewed in the light of current evidence, and balanced against opinion from users of simulation. This is acknowledged in the poster.

Findings The literature suggests that simulation is a teaching and learning strategy that is all inclusive and non-discriminatory. The interaction with various forms of simulation is shown to have the benefit of allowing the learner to put into practise technical and non-technical clinical skills and utilising the knowledge learnt to inform their professional practice.

Conclusion Simulation can be used to support the individual learning needs of healthcare professionals in order to relieve anxiety prior to’ hands on’ engagement in practice. Interacting with simulation activities promotes confidence and empowers the healthcare professional to take a leadership role, whilst meeting their clients’ own individual healthcare needs and taking an active role in decision-making processes.

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