The Midwife's Coracle.

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Authors: Barker, S.A., Todres, L. and Biley, F.

Start date: 12 January 2011

This study has been conducted using the Husserlian philosophical approach with Giorgi’s psychological method (Giorgi 1985) Using this method eight midwives were interviewed to explore their lifeworld experiences of emotionally supporting women becoming mothers.

The descriptions shared by the midwives of their experiences led to an understanding that emotional support is a special type of care. This care occurs in an intimate relationship between midwives and woman and nestles in a ‘circle of care’ including other professionals and the woman’s family. Midwife’s can be seen to be using themselves to support, guide and protect women at times of emotional turmoil. The metaphor of a coracle has been used to create a visual image of this care. The little round boat holding the woman safely above turbulent waters to facilitate a sense of comfort and inner peace.

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