Elicitation of Business Process Requirements: Discovering Organisational Context

Authors: Day, J. and Bobeva, M.

Conference: 27th Annual British Academy of Management Conference

Dates: 10-12 September 2013


This work is a response to previous research that showed that the effectiveness of operational implementation affects the success of even most carefully crafted business strategy. In turn, a source of implementation problems can be traced to inadequate appreciation of the processes that enable operational execution of a strategy. This paper argues that before process re design it is crucial that a complete requirements analysis be performed. Whilst an engineering or systems approach can capture the transformational elements of process, it is less effective in recognising the diffuse and human context that socially situates the process. The current research reports upon a small scale study to capture the nature of process context. The report goes on to identify some early results of the investigation and concludes by discussing the goal of creating specific tools that could be used for eliciting contextual requirement of processes within different types of organisation.

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Preferred by: Milena Bobeva