Mechanical Characterization of Alumina in-situ Aluminum Di-borides Nano Composites

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Authors: Ingole, S., Khan, Z.A., Paluri, R. and Ozaydin, F.

Start date: 11 March 2012

Publisher: The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

Place of Publication: Warrendale, PA, 15086, USA

High strength with in-situ lubricious phases can potentially enhance the service life of sliding interfaces. Nano composites are developed with in-situ lubricious phases using alumina and boron. The mechanical characterization of Al2O3 matrix nano composites using 2 wt. %B will be reported. The mechanical properties such as Vicker’s hardness, fracture strength will be discussed. The effect of milling time and sintering temperature on mechanical properties will be evaluated. It is hypothesized that the reduced grain size will enhance the mechanical properties of composites. This will be a significant contribution towards specific industrial applications. Additionally, formation of borate(Al18B4O33) will also contribute to the enhancement of mechanical properties as well. The scanning electron micrographs showed the grain refinement as compared to as-received materials (i.e. alumina and boron).

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