Wear prevention characteristics of binary oil mixtures

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Authors: Fernandez, J.E., Hernandez Battez, A., Vijande, R. and Cuetos, J.M.


Start date: 8 September 2003

This work presents the results of wear prevention tests carried out with mixtures of a polyalphaolefin (PAO 6) and two esters (TMP-05 and Sunflower oil, SO), on a four-ball machine tester. Results show that esters are excellent wear reducers when they are mixed with a low viscosity polyalphaolefin. The optimum ester percentages in PAO 6 were 5% and 15% for TMP-05 and SO, respectively. Better results than in pure PAO 6 occurred in all mixtures. The addition of esters (less than 15%) to PAO 6 hardly changed volume viscosity.

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