Development of Nickel-CNT Electro Composites

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Authors: Khan, Z.A., Chinnakurli, R., Mp, H. and Ks, N.

Start date: 6 May 2012

Publisher: STLE

Place of Publication: St Louis

Interest in electro codeposition of nickel-based composite coatings has increased in recent years due to their unique combination of wear, magnetic, electrical, and mechanical properties. Many of these outstanding properties can be best exploited by incorporating the carbon nanotubes into metal matrix. In the light of the above, the present work focuses on development of nickel -carbon nano tube composite coatings on mild steel substrate by Sediment Co-deposition technique. A maximum of 6.32Vol% of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has been successfully dispersed in nickel matrix. Micro hardness and ductility of nickel composite coatings increased, while yield and ultimate tensile strength decreased with increased volume percent of CNTs in the nickel matrix. Further, the ultimate tensile strength of the nickel- 6.32%CNT is lower by just 16% when compared with uncoated mild steel.

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