A review into the factors affecting declines in undergraduate Computer Science enrolments and approaches for solving this problem

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Authors: Albinson, P.

Editors: Davies, P.


Start date: 31 May 2013

Pages: 1-9

Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Poole, England

There has been a noticeable drop in enrolments in Computer Science (CS) courses and interest in CS careers in recent years while demand for CS skills is increasing dramatically. Not only are such skills useful for CS jobs but for all forms of business and to some extent personal lives as Information Technology (IT) is becoming ubiquitous and essential for most aspects of modern life. Therefore it is essential to address this lack of interest and skills to not only fill the demand for CS employees but to provide students with the CS skills they need for modern life especially for improving their employability and skills for further study.

This report looks at possible reasons for the lack of interest in CS and different approaches used to enhance CS education and improve the appeal of CS.

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