Mobility - Unveiling the essence and value of mobility

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Authors: Bolat, E.

Start date: 3 June 2014

Journal: Paradigm shifts and interactions: 43 Annual conference

Pages: 174

Publisher: European Academy of Marketing; Universitat de València

Place of Publication: Valencia

ISBN: 978-84-370-9453-3

This paper aims to map distinctive mobile technology values. In doing so this paper uses empirical data given by users who engage with mobile technology on both personal and professional levels. Evolved grounded theory and value-focused thinking approach are applied to analyse twenty-eight in-depth interviews with SME managers representing the UK creative sector. This study provides insights into experiences of mobile technology use by outlining conditions that drive and slow down mobile technology adoption, motives in using mobile technology and set of functional, social epistemic, emotional values that distinguish mobile technology use from using stationary and fixed network information technologies.

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